Misconceptions about Bellydance

Since beginning this new venture, I am saddened to say that I have come across a lot of prejudice. . . .

I am finding many people to believe that what I do is akin to sex work and that bellydance is for the sexual gratification of those watching it. I’ve also found, that for these reasons, people think that bellydance is not suitable for children because of it’s apparantly seedy nature. 

This disappoints me greatly; bellydance is nothing of the sort. It is an ancient dance, rooted in birthing rituals and to me, is a celebration of the feminine. Bellydance can be learned at any age, some start as tots, some when they are middle aged! 

I’m also coming across ignorance, complete lack of understanding and unwillingness to listen to reason! Understandably, I’m finding this and being viewed as some sort of harlot or prostitute quite difficult.

I suppose, there is not much I can do to change people’s minds, except explain what the dance really is and carry on shimmying regardless!

It would be interesting to hear other dancer’s experiences and people’s opinions!


Just Checking In..A Quick Hello!

Wow…not been over here on the Blog for a few weeks..I’ve been working my butt off (unfortunately not in the shimmying way)! And to my detriment..got quite the stinking cold and generally feeling under the weather but I shall not let that stop me! I have some good news heading your way soon about classes starting..which I am muchly and giddily excited about! 

Watch this space. …..

Much love and shimmies ❤

Austen (AKA Atiya)

Eyelashes for stage make-up?


I’m not really one for false eyelashes (partly because I just can’t put them on!) but this site popped up on the side of my news feed earlier and they’ve got some quite pretty wee things on offer..

Perhaps one you ladies might be interested in for getting all made up and fabulous for being on stage?

Shimmies ❤

Austen (aka Atiya)


I’ve been spending too much time searching out belly-music since my computer gave up the ghost and I lost most of it all! I’ve been prancing around listening to music instead of writing an essay..


I just downloaded Baila Habibi (Dance Darling) Vol. 5..It’s a mixture of arabic/latino pop and it’s pretty good. My top favourite  is Ayami Bik by Elissa..I recommend this album to all you modern Egyptian belly-divas out there!

Shimmies ❤

Austen (aka Atiya)

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog and to my first ever post!

This past week has been quite the whirlwind and I have been offered the most wonderful opportunity- to teach bellydance! And in the most beautiful space ever..

Now, I have briefly (very briefly) taught some classes before and so I am quite nervous!

Dates and times are yet to be confirmed but nonetheless I have started advertising on Facebook and decided to start this blog in order to promote classes, share the trials and tribulations of this new venture and people/articles that inspire me!


If you haven’t already, I would very much appreciate it if you could ‘Like’ my Facebook page (which you will find on the left hand column of this page).


Shimmies! ❤

Austen (aka Atiya)